Sunday, 10 April 2011

Medical Practice Philosophy, by Physician, Desoto, TX, Gregory Ennis MD. In this video by Dr. Gregory Ennis, a doctor in Desoto TX, talks about how his office was one of the first that handled emergency medical care outside a hospital, the name of their office was Emergency Care Center, with the field becoming called Urgent Medicine. Dr. Ennis started his career as an emergency room physician and realized that 95% of what he was treating could be treated in an outpatient facility that had a few more pieces of equipment than a regular doctors office. They had three primary objectives 1. To offer the same as or better care than a hospital emergency department with much of the same equipment, 2. To do that in 60 minutes or less with the philosophy that the patient's time is as important as their own. 3. To do that at a cost savings of 30 to 50% better than the hospital to the patient. Having been in business in their present location for 31 years and with their excellent record of care and consideration for patients, the philosophy of Dr. Ennis's office is to be most capable of offering the best range of the best medical care that most people could need. For more videos click on: Dr. Gregory Ennis also serves, but is not limited to, the following cities: Cedar Hill TX, Dallas TX, Duncanville TX, Ferris TX, Grand Prairie TX, Hutchins TX, Lancaster TX, Red Oak TX, Wilmer TX.

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