Sunday, 10 April 2011

Watch My Shoes Remix

Give a rap crash course got to pick up your brain splatter Matter of fact I'm so cold that your teeth chatter Charley Sheen winner more rings than Saturn With my Mars bars that are getting sweeter by the hour 60 minutes news flash gunna be the headline Brighter than a headlight HID kind Blinding you it's just like a pack of 3 mice Precise with my lines this is ruler edge nice Colder than the fridge I'm a freezer get frost bite Dry ice got to stay cool like a breeze might Need a fleece killing beats gave them a disease Cuz I'm sicker with my speech st st stutter When I speak Intriguing I know get you hooked in the creek More like fish in a barrel cuz I'm doing it with ease I'm gunna really start so let me get the keys The motor wasn't running still rolling with the rally stripes and the pipes exhaust not tired Leave you in my dust kicking rocks with my tires Kickers in the trunk turning all the bass up I know that you can feel me with every vibration On the track but I aint waiting at the station Gunna still run it break the tape celebration We Are the Champions Capitalization Scream that song along with a whole hundred nations

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